Beware of energy drinks!

By on October 3, 2010

Looking at the picture, do you see yourself in it? Exam’s coming, assignments’ due, need to drive on a loooong trip, tired, fatigue etc. At this stage, you really need something to keep you going, and suddenly your memory brings you back to some ads you saw while commuting to uni. Aha! “Mother: heaps of energy”. U’oh! Red bull! “It gives you wings!” -Yeah, might go for those. Need those extra pings of energy; after all, you need to fend off the sleepy creature!

Nowadays, there has been huge media hype on the ‘energy drink’. We have seen a surge of availability of the so-called ‘energy drink’; namely V, Mother, Red Bull, Rockstar etc. But are they really what they claimed to be -an ‘energy drink’? Let us take a closer look at this matter. The entire range of product basically contains sugar, vitamins and mainly caffeine and or guarana (which contains caffeine) as its core ingredient. Caffeine on its own is just a stimulant. Stimulant works by increasing mental alertness and keeps one awake. It itself does not provide energy. Not being sceptical, but claiming to be an ‘energy drink’ is rather misleading. The only energy source that could be found in the ingredient list is no other than sugar itself, which is also contained in every soft drink, juices and the likes -well except for those sugar-free stuffs.

So, why do the manufacturers dub these products as ‘energy drinks’ when actually they are not? Undoubtedly, this is no more than just a marketing strategy, to attract people to buy their products, thinking that one will get extra energy, feeling more energised after drinking those ‘energy drinks’. And I would dare to say that those advertisements are huge success. With that being said, dear buyers, beware! Do not get caught in this media hype. I would settle for these drinks to be called ‘stimulant drinks’ instead of ‘energy drink’. Caffeine in a way does help to keep us awake and increase our mental alertness. But, hold on. You just said that caffeine helps with alertness and stuff. Yes. True. However, regular consumption of caffeine will develop caffeine tolerance to our body which means greater doses are needed to achieve the same effect; and by stopping will later induce withdrawal effects. That, my friend, has already become one of your weaknesses. Hence, as Muslims we should avoid things that would make our body and mind weary.

Picture: No-doz is a tablet form of caffeine (1 tab = 100mg caffeine). But us pharmacist generally think that you are better of drinking coffee. However, we welcome the business! Cheers.

To end that, for energy, you are better off drinking cordial which is packed full with sugar! (Yaiks!! All the dentist people is sure out to get me due to this statement)

P/s: don’t take the last advice seriously. SERIOUSLY. (^_^)v

Siti Khatijah Mohd Saffian
Biro Akademik dan Kebajikan
ISMA Australia (South Australia)


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  • Yikes!

    Coffee addicted, at least a cup per day, at most 2 cups, double shots per serving. is that fine?


    • SKMS

      Well to say something is fine or not generally depends on the person itself. However, addiction is not at all fine..whatever the addiction may be. Addiction could cause withdrawal effect when you stop the consumption of coffee. So, if you experience headache, fatigue, depressed or drowsiness after stopping drinking then that is a sign of addiction. However, do not be alarmed,you could always slowly reduce down the consumption and this helps with the symptoms.
      Later, after a week or so stopping, the number of adenosine receptors in the brain would revert to “normal” levels, uninfluenced by caffeine consumption. What you need to look out for is the signs of overdose which include increased or irregular heart beat, light-headedness and nausea.
      All in all, drink coffee wisely.

  • ‘Mother’-Lover

    So, what would be the best alternative to these so-called stimulant drinks? Could u please suggest any?? I really need energy to stay awake for 20 hours straight..of course for a looooong trip at uni, no..seriously..XD

    • SKMS

      If it is a once off thing then it shouldn’t be a problem drinking the so called energy drink, coffee or whatever that would make you stay awake. After all it is available in the market and are generally save. However, if you do it frequently then, referring to An-Naba’ 78:9

      “And We have made your sleep as a thing for rest”

      There’s more than enough reason to say “stop whatever you are doing and get some rest! seriously” Physiologically, our body needs the sleep to relax, recover and be ready for what life throws us.

      The main message of caffeine consumption would be; moderation is best and absolutely none would be better.

  • hai

    Actually I drink those so called “energy drink” just because I want to stay awake so that I can do the never ending university tasks. I am aware that those are not really energy drink but I have to drink those for some reason. Stay awake..

    Thanks for the reminder. Jzkk

  • Vitamins are Awesome!

  • Pembaca_pagi

    hey apple..i’m orange..