KICKSTART 2017: A great way to kick off the year

By on March 8, 2017

Adelaide, 25 February 2017 –  ISMA South Australia successfully held KICKSTART 2017, the first official event of the year. Initiated in 2016, the event’s main objective is to help new students settle down with the helpful insight of representatives of the local Muslim community and experienced seniors. Students started arriving on the 10th of February 2017 and the KICKSTART team was the first to welcome them at the airport. Throughout the week, students were given temporary accommodations whilst the KICKSTART team helped them with their financial, enrolment and lodging matters.


On the day of event, approximately 40 participants consisting of new students and representatives of Malaysian Students Organisations (MSO) were welcomed. The first introductions given by South Australia’s leading organisation was from Human Appeal International and Islamic Information Centre of South Australia (IICSA). Brother Muhammed Hassan, representative of Human Appeal Int. and IICSA, gave some powerful words for students to ponder upon. “Never in the history of Islam, in a place where a Muslim would come, then leave without benefitting others”. He then reminded the students to stay truthful and be proud of their Muslim identity as well stressing on the importance of serving the deen by giving back to the community.


Dr Azmi Ibrahim, a local general practitioner at the Plympton Park also gave a few helpful tips on the “who, what, where and how” with regards to health issues. Food was aplenty as participants enjoyed meals prepared by the organisers. On top of that, students received a Welcoming Kit that consisted of information on location of mosques, clinics, halal butchers and restaurants, halal codes, and best of all a student’s all-you-need guide book “Pitstop Down Under” by Biro Penerangan of ISMA Australia. Students were also keen to know about the various agencies under ISMA from the booths set up such as i-Fitness, Beliawanis and Aman Palestin Australia. A total of 17 students signed up to volunteer with these agencies after learning about their past achievements and plans for 2017.


The highlight of Kickstart was an insightful forum led by ISMA’s very own head of Media, brother Faiz Syahiran. With the title “Dean’s list vs Deen’s list”, the session provided perspective from panelists Mohammad Kifli and Syuhada Md Nor, both with impressive academic achievements. Brother Kifli is a student of Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) and is the current head of Aman Palestin SA. Meanwhile the University of Adelaide gave outstanding Achievement Academic Award to sister Syuhada (Bachelor of Science; Biotechnology) for 2 consecutive years. Audiences were definitely inspired by their experiences in volunteering with Islamic organisations as well as juggling their studies. The event ended with a briefing from the Director of MARA Australia, Encik Sazali who reminded the students of their responsibility to study hard and make Malaysia proud. He also thanked ISMA Australia for the continuous work in welcoming students each year. Hopefully the event truly have helped kick start their journey in university life in South Australia.


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