KICKSTART 2017: A Journey into The Scholar’s World

By on March 13, 2017

Sydney, 5 March 2017- ISMA Australia in New South Wales started the year with a motivational and all-inspiring program, Kickstart 2017. Aimed to provide freshies with knowledge and experience, Kickstart open up new world for them to strive not only as a student, but as a muslim living abroad. Unwavering by the pouring rain, students from different universities gather here in University of New South Wales’ Colombo Theatre to partake in this yearly event.

The event was blessed by prayer and qur’anic recitation followed by the national anthem to lift the spirit of the roof.  Nearly 30 students turns up alongside representatives from MASCA to form around 50 strong participants. Opening speech was given by the program director, Marwan Nubli bin Ahmad Zaki and followed by a brief intro on ISMA Australia by Irfan Alias as ISMA representative. A spectacular presentation for Aman Palestin was set into motion by Wan Mohamad Ashraf Wan Mat as the head for New South Wales Aman Palestin with stunning and powerful videos that depict the current situation in Syria and Palestine.

A local Muslim speaker, Shahbaz Jamal addresses the participant with challenges that the Muslim youths are facing here in Australia and how international students should cope with such situation. Strong faith and sense of responsibility are the key point shared by brother Shahbaz in highlighting the defences for our Muslim youth. It is worth to note that the apathy of the Muslim youth today towards their religion and their religious responsibility. With this, Kickstart committee, manned by ISMA Australia dedicated member hope that this would someday change.

With the title of Dean’s List versus Deen’s List, New South Wales speaker, which comprised of credible and outstanding individuals dazzle the audience in presenting this topic. From the topic of managing your financial spending to getting 1st class honour in both this world and hereafter, the speakers, shares they wide knowledge and expertise in their own respective field. Here, a speaker, Mohamad Fikri Mohd Yusoff said something profound, “In this age, people opt chasing this world without regard of the hereafter and yet, the hereafter is what determine who is the successful among its servant”.  

Later on, a group of students from University of Wollongong feast the audience with a spectacular music performance, which later on becomes one of the main talks of this event.

All journey has to end, and for these new students, they will take home irreplaceable experience and hopefully broaden their perspective towards living not only as a student, but as a muslim who carry the zeal of Islam. We hope that the four years ahead will be a productive year for young muslim student to contribute for the development of future youth and ultimately, Islam.

Irfan K Alias
University of New South Wales


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